Frozen River

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Single from There Goes Paradise Album

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The inspiration for the album name comes from a line that is repeated in the title track Frozen River. The song is written about our great country the United States of America, and it’s struggles to keep its’ relevance in a time where political correctness, political corruption, and an entitlement-mentality have swept the nation, a time where special-interest groups have successfully lobbied the politicians, as well as the people, to believe that freedom means that anything goes, and even worse, that freedom is free. The song paints the picture of a time where the dreams of this great land are gone, referring to the Statue of Liberty as the lonely lady, surrounded by the frozen river, which is congress & government. Politicians are likened to white knights living in their castles, who never tell lies. The country is compared to ancient Rome, and the people as sheep being held in a zoo…or led to slaughter.


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